Celebrating Unity and Patriotism: 14th August Event at Winway International School

The spirit of unity and patriotism filled the air on the 14th of August as Winway International School commemorated Pakistan’s Independence Day with a grand event. Students, teachers, and parents came together to celebrate the historic day that marked the birth of a nation. The school’s courtyard was adorned with the national flag’s vibrant colors, […]

Unveiling Excellence: Winway International School’s Open House 2023 Highlights

Celebrating Education and Creativity: Winway International School’s Open House 2023 In a dazzling display of innovation and talent, Winway International School opened its doors for the eagerly awaited Open House 2023 on August 19th. The event, a true celebration of education and creativity, showcased the remarkable achievements of students and the dedication of educators. From […]